Because, Always Because!

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I have always been hard on myself if I pass a day with no “redeeming” purposeful activity.  The usual shopping trips or household routines don’t really qualify.  If I haven’t advanced something, somehow, but have just mooshed through a day, it feels like a waste.  But, here are the things I am learning with age:

1.  Nobody cares!  Absolutely no one pays any attention to whether I sit at the computer writing, or fill my time reading catalogues or magazines.  They don’t even know, and frankly, they all expect old ladies to just get through their days any which way that they can.  But, that’s also the standard we apply to others.  Hey, if it’s not hurting yourself and other folks, and if it’s your free time…do what you want to do!  But, internally, I either drive myself to produce or feel slightly negligent for not.

2.  Often, it all comes out the same anyway.  Time has passed and that’s about the long and the short of it.  You have either entertained yourself by the “progress” you’ve made…by the new plants you have put in the ground; the weeds you have pulled; the mulch spread; or scripts, books or journals you’ve written, or else, you have napped a lot; watched TV; and read every magazine that has floated, unbidden, before your face.  

Ironically, You are often right back at the same starting place within six months anyway.  The weeds are back, the mulch has disintegrated, the plants have either taken root or not, and the scripts and book manuscripts have simply increased the volume of paperwork you now have to store.  All of that purposeful work!  So much of it went to just filling your time in a way that wouldn’t cause you to think that you are a lazy bum.  Of course, the ongoing outdoor projects make the yard look cared for.  The writing attempts make you a more interesting and lively person to your peers, and the journaling has its own rewards in logging an interesting life. 

I believe that the summation of why we humans constantly weigh this inner dialogue, even if some would say that it doesn’t really matter how we spend our free time, is that we are carving and sculpting ourselves.  If we settle for passive consuming, then we haven’t really shaped anything.  But, if we diligently devote our time to hard and hopeful tasks, then that time is never wasted; even if the grass must be cut, yet again like our hair, with no trace to show of the previous work done on it.  Or those cookies that we have all baked in the presence of voracious children or company – gone in a second!  After all that work!  Why not just buy a bag of cookies in the grocery store and sit on your duff?

“Because!” is the answer.  Always, “Because!”

I’m Easing Myself Toward My Next Plan For Travel

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I always find that my Big Ideas go through quite a shakedown on their way to reality.  That’s happening now with my plans for my next Travel Opportunity.  The next trip is my #3 Goal which I stated would be chronicled on this blog site.  #1 was the Book Production  #2 was this Blog, and #3 was my next Around The World trip concentrating on the Southern Hemisphere.  The first two goals are now realities.  It’s time for the third to be born.

I discovered a few things when I finally brought out my maps and guidebooks to get down to the serious business of outlining such a grand scheme.  There’s a whole lot of water down there.  Of course, I knew that, but had never had to deal with the fact, personally, and try to mash it into an existing timeframe and budget.  I don’t have the luxury of a whole year this time around.  I have about four months, but I still dream of taking my time within a continent to explore its great variety in a rather freeform way.

As I put together a possible flight schedule to price Round-The-World tickets, I learned that planes don’t necessarily fly straight across the ocean, from say, South America to Africa, but one must go way north to London or Paris and then catch your flight back down again to the new continent below the Equator.  Now, that might only be true of the airlines that these particular consolidators were working with, and maybe flights actually do head straight out between Southern Hemisphere capitals, but perhaps those have to be arranged individually.  Anyway, my proposed air tickets were all coming out to be very expensive and requiring so many hours of flight over out-of-the-way routes.  Maybe I’ll learn that this is always the way that it is.  I’m still a greenhorn at this.

Then, I investigated sailing between the continents, but I do believe that this would eat up many weeks, as most of the yachts and vessels willing to take on working crew members are not in any hurry to make the crossing and don’t see themselves as mere passenger vehicles.  So, I couldn’t see just sailing around the water continent without spending time on the land masses.

Currently, I have solved the dilemma by deciding to spend the entire available time poking around South America only.  Another time, it will be Africa; another, Australia/New Zealand, until I have worked my way, gradually around the lower chunk of our globe.  I am aware of the fact that this could take years and I’m no spring chicken, but it appears to be the best way to remain true to my travel outlook instead of just zipping around, simply to tag that distinction of bagging another rtw.

I really like the sound of flying from Florida to Lima, Peru, and I was researching the many great cities that country has and getting very excited about that starting point.  However, lately, I’ve been considering flying into Caracas, Venezuela, which is more at the top of the continent and covering those countries as I travel overland to Peru.  Otherwise, I would probably miss them and I might be very sorry.  From Peru, I’ll drop down into Chile and beyond.

As promised, I’ll keep posting the evolution of this idea until it gels into a final shape.  Looks like my targeted departure date might be January 14, so I have not quite three months to get myself together.  This will be a much simpler sort of trip to plan for and I will probably wait until three weeks before leaving to nail down my tickets, leaving myself free to watch for last minute bargains.  Aside from making sure my shots are updated, buying a new and smaller backpack, and the usual “being away from home for awhile” arrangements, there will not be a great deal of pre-planning except for studying my South America On A Shoestring Lonely Planet guidebook.  It already sounds very good to me.


The Albania Story – Continued

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Earlier, I began to quote from my new book, Hey Boomers, Dust Off Your Backpacks, the story of my border crossing into Albania, a country which Lonely Planet warns us not to enter.  Here’s more from page 118:

“Okay, now back to the story of how I got here and of my fifteen hours in Albania.  After saying goodbye to the last official, I returned to the car with my three thugs, who had rearranged themselves so that I could sit in front.  Two men now held down the shifting rear seat.  I was “not allowed” to fasten my seatbelt, as was also the case in Goran’s taxi, earlier.  It’s obviously a terrible insult to their driving ability, and possibly, to their very manhood, and every time I pulled on the strap or even looked as if I were thinking about it, a finger would be shaken:  “Ah, ah!”

What the heck?  I’m in Albania now.  Do as they do.  I sure didn’t intend to antagonize these guys. But, ohmigosh, what dangerous driving, on what awful roads.  At one spot, two old car tires had been propped up in a pothole to warn drivers away and prevent them from falling in and getting hung up…  We did breakneck things as I admired the many shrines of flower-bedecked crosses and memorials to all those loved ones who had lost their lives doing just what we were doing now, though perhaps they had had a drop or two to tip the scales.  One of their cars was still upside down and rusted out in someone’s yard…

We filled up with gas and a little farther along, we pulled into a fenced yard surrounding an auto repair business.  “Uh oh!  Do we already have car trouble or is this where I get done in?  Why are we stopping?”  Then, two harmless-looking teenage youth began to haul on a white fabric bag, half-filled with something sand-like.  It might have been dirt, but I don’t think so.  Then, a larger, similar bag was yanked, with some difficulty, from the other side.  Both had been wedged on either side of the engine block.  “Oh, okay.  They aren’t banditos any more.  Only smugglers.  I feel better.”

La tee da.  I didn’t say a word.  Nosireee.  We all just ignored that transaction and the hood was slammed shut and we were on our way again… Hey, it could have been beach sand for all I knew.  But, if not, this would explain the tight features, the nervousness at the border and the refusal to exchange names.  I’m not one to upset the delicate fabric of a country’s economic structure.  Well am I familiar with the desperate subsistence smuggling done for mere survival in a Communist, or a post-Communist country.”

As it happened, the driver was true to his promise to take me to the bus in Shkoder and we pulled up to the side-street stop just as the Tirana bus was loading.  I was the last passenger left in the Mercedes as the two cronies had hopped out along the way.  So much for my Albanian bandit story.”

The moral of this story for me, now, is that we often leap to conclusions about the danger that we are in.  Because things may appear strange to us, we can, and do, imagine all sorts of dire and unhappy endings – which, in real time, never existed at all.  Those men were simply doing as they had been asked for a fair price.  Not once did they give any indication that they would fulfill the Lonely Planet’s general warnings about banditos at the northern border of their country.

I’m also not blaming myself for having those thoughts, but I am mighty glad that I did not have a hissy-fit at the border trying to save myself from an outcome which existed only in my head.

It’s All So Easy To Travel Around The World On Social Security

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It’s easy to take easy for granted, especially in this time of instant global communication. But, in 1935, my life, as well as my father’s, depended entirely upon the existence of a tiny, homemade, seven-watt ship’s radio. He was about to die at sea aboard a large, wooden sailing vessel rapidly taking on water. If the First Mate hadn’t cobbled together a working radio out of scrap parts and against the wishes of a tyrannical madman captain; and if that little set hadn’t succeeded in rousing the Honolulu Coast Guard, then the Seth Parker would have eventually gone down, taking my mother’s fiancé with it. I would not have been born two years later.

Father was attempting to sail around the world at the time but he never made it across the Pacific Ocean. Now, I have succeeded in circumambulating the planet once and am soon to do it again, the other way around. He was a young man. I’m an old woman. How did I come to such a pass? Surely, it’s genetics from both sides of my family, for sea captains populate my parent’s past. Mother’s grandfather was a Bermudian tall ship captain, and Father sprang from New England sea captains, becoming one himself. Obviously, the itchy-feet gene was bound to surface again somewhere in my family. But mine had to wait till I had raised my kids, divorced my husband, retired from work, and found a way to pay for an unconventional, burgeoning travel bug.

If I didn’t exactly live small, I lived regularly. I had an ordinary life and I still do. But, genes and DNA, once activated, are very persistent in claiming their fifteen percent of one’s time and attention and now, mine seem to be making up for lost time. I don’t sail; I fly into countries and backpack alone around each continent; then come home and write about it. Three years ago, at age 67, I backpacked, for a year, throughout Eastern Europe, Turkey, Egypt, India, Thailand, Hawaii, and the U.S. West Coast. For awhile, that satisfied my inner wanderlust. But now, with a new book published and a blog site to tend, my genetic code is firing up again; inspiring me to plan my new trek across the Southern Hemisphere, going in the other direction – East to West. As before, I plan to hostel and backpack in a spontaneous wandering way, through South America, the Pacific Islands, New Zealand, Australia, Borneo, Africa, Israel and Spain, before returning home to write another book.

Because I’m seventy-one years old by now, I’ve been investing time, energy, and money into making my very healthy body even healthier. My food is all organic; my water, bottled; I detoxify herbally; and do strength and weight training so that I can again lug that really heavy pack under some pretty basic travel conditions. It makes sense not to have to carry any extra pounds beneath my own skin. Meanwhile, before departure day, I have a book to promote: Hey Boomers, Dust Off Your Backpacks; Travel The World On A Limited Budget.

This book chronicles my adventures as a single woman of a certain age and describes what happens when one sets out alone to explore less-well-traveled regions with nothing pre-planned except the stack of airline tickets in my pocket. For each location, those provide an entrance city and a far distant exit point for a randomly-selected future date. It’s a blank slate in-between for me to write upon with my body.

How does it feel to sleep in a crowded coed bunk room with hostellers half your age? Is it safe to take the local buses and trains in Bosnia, Albania, and India? What about language barriers, street food, and drinking water? How are the emergency rooms in Goa and Bangkok, compared with one in Los Angeles? What does it feel like to ride elephants and camels? What’s it like to sit up all night in airports and train stations, worldwide; and how about the occasional involuntary adoptions that persistent natives sometimes wish to perform upon you? How does one deal with touts and cheeky beggars who see you as an undefended target in their midst? Who are the friends you make along the way?

Before I leave home again, I really hope that I’ll have many opportunities to answer these burning questions and tell the story of my first around the world adventures. Hopefully, I’ll be besieged with speaking invitations when my press release goes out. Because, in the process of analyzing that trip, I realize that I have a message for leading edge baby boomers, some of whom were world-class backpackers in the sixties. Perhaps they don’t fully understand that it’s still entirely possible to do such things in old age and on a limited income. Their generation has found a way to perpetuate youth with every new decade they’ve entered as the leaders of that gigantic population bubble. But, within their heart of hearts, I hear, that secretly they dread the unknown future which advertising tells them is littered with ill health, mental decline, and loss of freedom and fun.

Eligibility for social security represents that rapidly-approaching boundary line, which in youthful minds, spells old age, dotage, pipe and slippers. This is an emotional misconception nowadays, but it’s often there, lurking in the psyche, until the line is crossed, and….. Voila! The sun still shines! I wish to be a pied piper to those nervous boomers, telling them that it’s not so bad over here across the SS line. In fact, it’s even possible to do outrageously audacious things. I will always sound really old to them, at eight years and more, their senior. So, they will conclude that if I can do it, then it will surely be a piece of cake for them.

It will be interesting to see how I can manage to stay in touch with my new friends on the internet, as a blogger, from deep within the Amazon. For me, questions like that are part of the whole fascination with this kind of life: the uncertainties; the adaptations; the surprising discoveries and simple solutions. Traveling free-form around the world has proven one thing to me. It’s really all so easy!

Linda J. Brown’s new book, “Hey Boomers Dust Off Your Backpacks” can be purchased on and through her blogsite,

A Page From My Book – Albania

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In September, 2005, midway through my journey around the world, I entered Northern Albania from Montenegro.  I had arrived in Podgorica the night before, thinking that I could just hop on a bus traveling to the next country, but a taxi driver who intercepted me at the bus station informed me that there was no such thing.  He and an English-speaking friend convinced me to take his taxi to the border in the morning and to walk across in daylight.  This proved to be very good advice and I hired him to drive me to a pension for the night as well.

“2:40 p.m., September 15, 2005 – Ohhhh boy.  Albania is a new entity entirely.  Big challenge.  It’s way different from the rest of Eastern Europe.  Probably much like the Soviet countries would have been for us without our team of youth translators along to buffer us from the basic realities.  And why not?  This has been a Communist country until just recently.  It is so Third World that a lone Westerner is really completely lost, mostly because the familiar infrastructure just doesn’t exist here.

Goran let me out of the taxi within sight of the border control buildings but I had to walk the final half block.  He seemed afraid.  There is simply no relationship between the two countries.  So, I walked across my second border.  First, my passport had to be stamped by the Montenegran authorities, and then I had to walk over to the Albanian Entry Station and pay their ten Euro fee.  The uniformed Albanian official asked me where I was going and I blithely said that I would catch the bus to Tirana, the capital, and he blithely informed me that there was no bus running from the border.  The first bus could be caught thirty miles away in Shkoder.  Whoops.  A little bit of an information glitch between the two countries.

Lonely Planet was no help, as they simply advised no traveling at all in Northern Albania which is where I was now.  Banditos.  I was here because the French Foreign Legion man on the train told me the banditos had stopped being dangerous, or something like that.  Hmmmmm.  Anyway, the official waved over the next car passing through and told him to take me to town and to put me on the bus.

I completely believe, to this day, that this luck-of-the-draw car was full of said banditos.  Three very skuzzy men, unshaven, with long greasy hair, driving an ancient very, very, very beat-up, caramel-colored Mercedes, pulled over and agreed to take me for ten dollars.  While we were trying to set a price, a nice-looking, well-dressed man came up to translate for us.  He said “Wouldn’t you rather ride with me?” and waved towards his fancy Mercedes with his family inside.  My backpack was already in the first man’s trunk so I didn’t want to make waves and get it out.  But soon, I regretted missing that opportunity when we were in front of the Albanian Customs Office and my driver waved me into his car and motioned me to sit quietly.  It didn’t help that his seat was not securely fastened down and slid about when I sat down on it.

It also didn’t help that he became very nervous and completely unfriendly.  It seemed to me that he was not intending for me to enter the office to get my passport processed.  By now, I had reached my bandito conclusion.  So, I slipped past him and went to speak to the professor in the car behind us, saying that I would rather ride with him after all… Alas, it was too late, as the first man was already going to have to pay a percentage of my fee to the border station officer.

Okay.  I sat back down on the detached, sliding around, back seat, comforting myself with the idea that the border police on both sides of the line knew that an American was riding with them and anyway, what dastardly deed could they do at ten o’clock in the morning, for goodness sake?  Steal what I had on me, is what, if they were banditos.

They sure looked tough.  One had greasy long hair and very few teeth.  He was probably in his forties… I was so glad I hadn’t tried this border-crossing business last night as I had originally planned.  I do remember thinking, while apparently captured in this unstable back seat, that this was as good a day to die as any.  It was sunny and warm and even a little bit lovely.  I would simply go with the flow.”

[Buy the book to learn what happens next…. or tune in for my next posting when the story continues.]

My Macabi Skirt

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For some time, I have been meaning to sing the praises of a piece of travel clothing that I discovered before the big ’round the world, and it’s probably the only one that made it all the way around and came home with me.  To this day, it hangs in my closet and I still wear it frequently.  That’s staying power, because I gave away so many items to make room for new, and I went through so many seasons and had to buy for the cold and the wet days that took me by surprise.

It’s my Macabi skirt and I’m thinking of getting at least one more in a different color to take both with me next time.  The fabric is very lightweight, so it dries quickly, feels very cool, doesn’t wrinkle and packs in a squish – even in your purse.  The pockets are very deep, and one has a hidden zip mesh compartment.  One of the best things is that you can convert this skirt into pantaloons/punjabi pants with the help of a provided strap…or snap the sides up and make blousy shorts.  The latter styles are good for getting the cloth out of your way while wading or picking your way along a rocky trail, or simply for keeping cool.  Though there is something to be said for a skirt that frees your legs up and swishes away the mosquitoes and stinging plants.

When you emerge from your hike and need to walk down a village main street or take in a temple, you can unhitch and unsnap, and you are dressed very appropriately in an ankle-length skirt.  It’s also available in a knee-length version.  Because of the wrinkle-free qualities, you are now dressed well enough to go to dinner in the same skirt you hiked in, if that becomes a necessity.

Men are even buying this versatile thing because they like the freedom it offers not to have their legs bound so closely with cloth.  They recall the fact that Scotsmen wear skirts and they call this one a MUG.  It seems to be revolutionizing outdoor wear in its own quiet way and mine has been through the travel wars and it still looks almost new.  I like it so well that I have written a recommendation for it in the back pages of my new book.

Why don’t you go have a look at it at and read the comments that all the veteran travelers have posted on interesting uses they have put it to.

Life Overlaps, So I Might Go Sailing!

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No sooner do I put one big project to bed, (my book is completed and published), than two or three other urgencies fill the void.  One must, naturally, do things to announce the book’s existence to the world or it will wither and die unread upon the vine.  Now that I am face-to-face with it, I’m beginning to understand that this could fill months of my time since things like speaking engagements and media interviews take awhile to come about.

But long ago, when the book was still in its beginning stages and I hadn’t realized exactly how long books take to finish, I set the departure date for my next around-the-world trip for January, 2009.  How far away that sounded then.  January to May is also the period when my snowbird neighbors will be here to watch over things at home and that determined the length of my trip.  It all looked so neat in theory.  Now, Push is beginning to lean heavily on Shove, and though I’m still on schedule, I’m beginning to multi-task even more.

So, into this running contest between my to-do lists and my chronic need now for long exercise beach walks to Caladesi Island, injects a new and alluring possibility…probably somewhat related to the slightly neglected shoreline.  I have learned about a new way for a vagabond like me to get around the planet. 

Sailing!  Well, I always knew that people could sail around the world.  My father attempted it during the last depression.  But, I never knew that I might be able to actually sail long distances across the ocean depths, myself.  I have no yacht, nor do I know anyone who might just so happen to invite me aboard for a long sail to exactly the countries that I have on my planned itinerary.  And so, I figured that this was probably something that I’d never experience in this lifetime.

But, a lifeline has been thrown!  Do I catch it?  Shall I shift the focus of this next trip to the means of transportation rather than the countries sampled?  I have just learned of a website which matches potential crew members (yes, even inexperienced ones) with boats of all sizes and sorts.  Very often, the passenger/crew member travels free or for some shared expenses, in return for the labor required by their position on the ship.  They earn no salary.  They pay no fare.  But, they eventually get to their destination. Everyone wins.  And, since there are always boats and ships criss-crossing most of the planet’s waters, there will usually be one that fits your specifications, needing a crew member to do something that you know how to do.  Even stewarding or nanny service is advertised and, in many cases, you don’t have to be an experienced seaman, or seawoman, to qualify.  Some captains don’t put age caps on their consideration of an applicant.  The website is: and there is no charge to join up.  Those who become interested enough to do serious business, can become a premium member for less than fifty dollars.  

As time goes by, and I become more in the groove about trip preparation, I will be reporting here on the decisions that I make about the safer, saner, and swifter solution of simply buying a single around the world air ticket and being done with it….and the much more crazy, insecure, and unpredictable, but far more romantic idea of sailing the South Pacific to all the lands down under.   Do I have the guts to go for that new level of leaving behind all pretense at a comfort zone and a solid guarantee of arrivals and departures?  (Hmmm, as I recall that was pretty iffy in the standardly-accepted method of air travel… )

Examined more closely, surely the slower, more laid-back life aboard a sailing craft just beats, hands down, a frenetic travel onslaught like the one I waged on the Northern Hemisphere a few years ago.  At any rate, it’s very good to know that there’s a choice.

This Only Happens Once In a Lifetime!

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On Sunday, September 28, 2008, My Book Launch Party was held, hosted by my dear friend and mentor, Fawn Germer (, who taught me how to get this book written and published.  We had a very good time eating Greek food and focusing on the new reality of Hey Boomers, Dust Off Your Backpacks: Travel The World on a Limited Budget.  Many people not only bought a book for themselves, but went home with a few Christmas presents for their friends.  I had fun inscribing each book in a personal way.

Fawn tells me that rather soon, authors shorten their written front page commentary when there are lines of folks patiently waiting for their turn to get your autograph.  That will be a welcome landmark to have reached….but until then, I indulge us both.

I like to make speeches and did have that opportunity this night.  Naturally, later on, I was coming up with all sorts of brilliant ideas about what else I should have added to perhaps go for the goosebumps.  I think my friends were lucky that those inspirations only occurred to me at 3 a.m. and not while I was still standing before them.

Yes, these are once in a lifetime days…but now that the book exists in real life, I find that I am getting carried away by the next duty and the next, which I must do to serve it.  I find it difficult to spend adequate time savoring the moments as they whiz past.  Just today, I sent out 36 press releases to radio and TV stations as well as newspapers, hoping for speaking engagements and interviews.  And, those were only the local ones.  Next, packets must go to some major talk shows.  Well, why not try, for goodness sakes?

Many new ideas and related ones crowd in to be tackled.  Particularly, I must get going on the plans for my next around-the-world journey coming up in three short months.  I’ll be posting that unfolding story as I investigate two newly-discovered websites: and  Perhaps, my second book will reveal my story of sleeping free on people’s spare beds or couches and vagabond sailing across the oceans of the Southern Hemisphere.

Then, I can have a Second Time In a Lifetime Book Launch…and so it goes.


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Confessions of a Junkie
A New Book Is Aborning
Sharing An Email Written To A Friend I Met In A Hostel In Medellin, Colombia
Open Letter To Snorers: Please Don’t Stay In Hostel Dormatories
Life Is A Jillion Million Photo Ops
Life As A Photo Op – Continued
How Do We Add Up – Ultimately?
We, Americans Terrorize Too!
Sleeping Dogs Are Lying! Let ‘Em!
Loose, Fast, Sloppy Thinking
This Little Old Bride Got Big
Come And Walk With Me This Lovely Road To Death
To My Family: Instructions In Case I Should Become Incapacitated
Coming Out Of The Closet Now: I Talk To The Holy Spirit!
Conversations About Death
This Will Shock A Lot Of Folks!
As An Arriving Earth Settler, You Wore Diapers!
If Our Earth’s Society Was a Human Being, How Old Would We Be?
Next Time A Giant Tries To Grab You, Try Seeing Its True Motive
InterGalactic Friendship Is A Rare And Precious Gift
An InterGalactic Friend Who Got Away
Romanian Trains And InterGalactic Friends
Reincarnation Is One Way To Achieve A New Life In A New Location
Coming Back To Earth
To See or Not To See…That Is The Question
Hats Off To A Fantastic Writer And Long-Lost Friend
One Day, In Utter Poverty, Came This Vision
I Am Preparing To Be Wowed by Elizabeth Gilbert, Author of Eat, Pray, Love
I’m A True Fan of a Rock Star Author
The Next Time You See Somebody’s Portrait, Consider This
The Frantic Race of Humanity Mankind – Part I
The Frantic Race of Humanity Mankind – Part II
The Sad, Ongoing Story of Humanity Mankind – Part III
Humanity Mankind Is Running…Out of Options – Part IV
When The Rubber Stops Meeting The Road For Humanity Mankind, Part V
When In Freefall, Follow The Instructions, Oh, Humanity Manklutz – Part VI
Humanity Mankind Comes Of Age – Part VII
Newly November And All Is Well (And Woo-Woo Wins!)
Quick! What’s The Opposite of Writer’s Block?
Can One Converse With Inanimate Objects?
Talking To Stuffed Animals???
My Conversation With A Lynx
Chatting With Two Dead Co-Workers
Creationism vs Evolution???
I Am The Child of Cimba
The Ones That Got Away: Fish Or Cut Bait
Is Life A Boot Camp Or A School?
Life As A Boardwalk Carnival
Or, Maybe This Will Happen…
Which Chakra Are You Working Out Of?
Good Lord! It’s Possible That You Are All Human, After All!
Do Animals Pray?
Is It Okay To Eat Meat?
The First Decade Of The New Millennium Has Gone By – What’s Next?
Yo, Atheists And Agnostics! Feeling A Little Seasonally Under-Appreciated?
My Book Is Becoming A Being Of Its Own – It’s Nitty Gritty Time
No Need For Any Florida Envy This Winter
Having A New Book In Your Life Is Like Having A Newborn Around
Those Blind Men And That Elephant…Must We Perpetuate The Habit?
How To Meet A Man On A Romanian Train
It’s Best Not To Dance On Trains – For Whatever Reason – Exotic Or Otherwise
Closet-Clairaudient Unveiling
The First Three Letters of The Word Funeral Are “Fun”
Life’s Changes Happen Suddenly
What Did I Finally Wind Up Saying In Revealing My Private Life?
Life Rocks…And So Do These Books!
Finding Fellow Travelers From My Hammock
Creator, Creator, Creator! Create! Evidence of A Praying Bird?
A Quote From My New Book – “Two Possible Questions Behind Creation”
An Upper Realm Opinion About Big Business And Corporations
Do Animals Pray?
I’m Dabbling Happily In Other People’s Lives
What Is The Secret Behind Your Dreams?
What Are The Psychological Obstructions To Traveling Freely?
Have You Ever Been To Lilliput?
Our Planet Is Wounded. Or Is She Fighting Back? Something Has Burst On Her Surface.
The Day The Earth Farted, The World Stood Still! or Deepwater Is In Deep Doo-Doo!
Okay! I’m Tired Of Being A Linear Person, Already!
Another Exciting Travel Prospect Looms – To Another Dimension!
Now I Am A Published Author…Times Two!
Big, Beautiful Boxes Of Books!
Chiropractic Treatments From Way Off In The Pacific Ocean – On My Florida Body
My Un-Button-Downable Mind
A Bag Full Of Un-Cut Diamonds Hidden In My Suitcase
Holiday Weekends Give Birth To Books
Is It Okay To Be Judgmental?
The Holy Spirit On The Subject of Hoarding
I Love To Cook My Books!
The Holy Spirit’s Take On Gambling
Does The Presence of a Soul Within The Brain Provide an “Energy” That is Vital to the Human?
Yesterday I Was Attacked By A Terriorist!
We All Have a Date With The Global Mind – Next Week!
Did You Keep Our Date With The Cosmic Brain?
A Twelve-year-old’s Take on World Chaos
What Does The Term, “Spiritualized” Really Mean?
Why Is It Essential for Us To Live In A Heavy-Matter Realm, Such As Earth Is?
I’m Going To Venture a Prediction – Virtual Coloring Books!
Is There Such A Thing as a Non-Physical Existence?
Is Earth A Great Big Space Experiment?
Are Psychic Talents Alien To Planet Earth?
Prayer Feels This Way From The Other Side
Please Help Me Write My Movie Script
Can Humans With Very Different Backgrounds Get Along?
What Are The Reasons That A Soul Reincarnates?
Are Human Lives Scripted?
My Third Book is About to Go Out of Print – Here’s It’s Intro
Yesterday’s Quotes Are Pertinent For Today and Tomorrow, Ad Infinitum
How About The Spiritual Destinies of People Born in Wealthy Circumstances?
Advice Sliding On Down To The Next Generation
Continued: Advice From The Old Guard
Do Pets Reincarnate And Do They Choose Their Owners?
Two Months Ago, My Son Died…
What Is The Difference Between Dreams and Out-of-Body Experiences?
From “50 Things One Should Know How To Do By Age 50”
Life Is Like The Tossing of Grains of Sand
I’m Heading Back Out Around The World…For A Year
Dancing With Thirteen World-Class Grandmothers In Brazil
This May Be All That The World Really Needs
To Launch And Let Go
Farewell Florida/Hello Brazil
I Have Utterly Disappeared!
How Can I Describe This?
To Fill In The Blanks On Abadiania, Brazil
Planning Again To Adjust The Spine Of The Planet
Going Silent Till After Thanksgiving
If It Looks Like A Local, If It Walks Like A Local, It Sure Doesn´t Quack Like A Local!
The Secret Wisdom of Always Insisting Upon a Receipt
Going Before The Entity At John of God´s Healing Casa
I´m in the Top-Rated Place on the Recommended List – Ta-Da!
Whoa! Did I Just Bribe The Paraguayan Consul?
Entropy Around The Hostel Pool
Busted! I´m Now a Reformed Smuggler!
We´re All Guilty But We´re Not Bad!
The Great Creative Human Race – Rules and Handicaps
RULES For The Great Creative Human Race – Part II
Almost Nine Months After My Son Died, I caught a Quick Glimpse of Him
My Wardrobe Malfunction At Iguazu Falls, Brazil
I Love Santiago, Chile and This Whole Country!
The Wheels On The Bus Went Round & Round…The Great Creative Human Race – Part III
The Kind and Homey Folks of Chiloe Island, Chile
RTW – Phase I Is Winding Down
Home in The States With A Bum Shoulder
After A Short Surgical Delay, I’m Almost Good Again
The Old Grey Mare, She Ain’t What She Used To Be…..
Ain’t It Always The Way?
A Soldier’s World Travels Are True Sacrifices
My Traveling and My Writing Are About To Get Married!
The U.S. Congressman And The Saga of The Seth Parker
Lovin’ The Life In The Land Down Under
Flying To A New Australian City Tomorrow
Frozen Money Has Forced Me Into Phone Ownership
I’m Sooooo On Island Time Now!
I Made Headlines In The Pago Pago, American Samoa Newspaper
A Little Bit of Samoa Will Always Circle My Ankle
A Stalker Named Hurricane Evan
Summertime In New Zealand
My First Six Months In The Pacific Ocean
Earthquakes and Antarctica Have One Thing In Common…New Zealand
Going Further Under In Down Under: Dunedin, NZ Is Really Different From Dunedin, Florida
Traveling Solo In The Comfort Zone
The Story of my First Days in Cape Town, South Africa
Our Human Tendency Towards Religious Obfuscation – Inner & Outer Travel
Bits & Pieces of Life Overseas…. Lost In A Labyrinth of Budapest
Spending The Summer in Spain & Portugal
I’m At A Surf Camp Hostel In The Portuguese Algarve….The Bottom Coastal Region Of This Gorgeous Country
The Ups and Downs of Beautiful Portugal
A Seagoing Birthday This Year Between Denmark and Norway
Journey’s End – A Tiny French Village Outside of Paris Offers Recovery From Epilepsy
Another Life Begins Again
My First Step In Becoming An American Expat
I’m A Kid In A Money-Making Candy Store!
A Brief Visit To My Florida Towns Before Sailing Across The Equator On The Mayflower
Ohhhhhh, Uruguay! Glorious, Gorgeous, Warm Uruguay And My Celebrity Wool Jacket!
The Rubber Meets The Road On Real Life As An Expat
When The Guards Outnumber The Shoppers
Glimpses of Uruguay on January 5, 2014
All Uruguyans Are Ascended Zen Masters
Life In An English Country House In Upscale Montevideo
Hostel Hopping, Visa Vetting, Rock & Rolling, In Uruguay
The Andes Mountain Chain – Backbone of The Planet – And The Blackfeet Nation
The Girl That Got Away! How I Spent April Fool’s Day!
Peru Is The New Spiritual Himalayas And I’ll Soon Be There Again
The Movable Feast of Expat Life Goes Mobile Again!
The Trail Never Changes!
Peace & Light In The Sacred Valley of Peru
The Spinal Column Of Planet Earth
Life Brings Us All To The Right Shore, If We Will But Flow Within It!
I Receive The Munay-Ki Rites of The Andean Shamans In The Sacred Valley of Peru
Becoming The Creator of My Own Universe Through Peruvian Shamanic Traditions
Visions Of Paz y Luz Healing Resort & Conference Center, Pisac, Peru
A Peruvian Despacho Ceremony For A Baby’s First Haircut
My Date With St. Peter – How I Took Charge of My Own Health Through A Peruvian CondorVision San Pedro Ceremony
My Last Day In Pisac, Peru
Having Achieved Ecuador….
Cuenca, Ecuador…….Expat Life……..Not So Much! Yet!….But, Improving!
There’s Much To Like In Cuenca, Ecuador! I Might Stay Here Longer!
Meeting Some of My Fellow Expats in Cuenca, Ecuador
Excursions And Discoveries Ecuadorian!
Age Schmage…………. Money Schmoney
Steady As She Goes On All Expat Plans For 2014
My Last Expat Night In Cuenca, Ecuador – Fabiano’s Pizza
Puerto Lopez, Ecuador – Whale of a Day
Spirit Orbs Over The Secret Garden, Quito, Ecuador, Hostel
New Life, New Friends, New Mexico!
I Drove The Dog And The Dog Won!
Leaving Lovely Santa Fe, N.M. And Heading for Golden, Colorado
Taking A Vacation From My Vacation
This Promises To Be A Very Strange Experiment – A New Trick For An Old Dog
How To Make Yourself At Home Within Ten Minutes Anywhere In The World
Life With My Family on “Normal Street,” U.S.A.
Posthumous Exhibit Of My Son’s (Randy Brown) Art
The Timely Conjunction of “Journey Of Souls” With A New Stage Of My Life
Finding Fabulous Friends In Santa Fe, New Mexico
I Lost My Way In Eldorado…….
Life Is Like A Doggie Bath!
March, 2015 – A Month Of Lost & Found!
I Have Run Six Marathons in Forty-Eight Days
An Explosive Writing Experience!
My Newest Book, “Millennial Springtime: Love In The Vast Lane”
My Mission Statement: “To Write Large Upon The World!” While Traveling Solo
Luxury Home In Santa Fe, N.M. Comes With a Yurt!
This Is A Long, Hard Marathon…. But, I’m Winning!
A Persecution Of Sunshine For A Rabbit Like Me!
Age Schmage…….Money Schmoney! An Excellent Philosophy!
An Introduction Video To My Future Traveling Life: “AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 YEARS!”
An Extreme Example Of Life In A Hostel Dormitory
A Good Description of A New Breed of Senior Travelers – Just Like Me!
My 78th Birthday is Here At Last!!!
Here I Go Again – Around The World For Four Years This Time!
Glorious Colorado In The Fall Brings Out School Field Trips
Patricia, The Greatest Hurricane Show That (N)Ever was! Or, Stalking The Elusive Not-Yeti In Central Mexico!
I Have, Essentially, Moved To Mexico!
My Answers To The BootsN’All Independent Travel Manifesto
My Top Five Travel Trips for New Travelers Before Starting A Trip
My Top Ten Values For Life – Part One
Elder Over-Achievers! My New Heroes!
My Top Ten Values For Life – Part Two
My Dream Journey And Practicing Travel Caution Without Paranoia
Managing Money While I Travel
What Can You NOT Travel Without?
Some Favorite Photos of Me On The Road, Solo, At Age Sixty-Seven
Friends in India & Egypt
What Small Things Do I Enjoy While Traveling?
I’m Organizing The First Chapter of Hearing Voices Network In Mexico
Secrets To My Around-The-World Traveling Life
At Home Or Abroad, Gringos Will Be Gringos
Mexico Will Soon Be In My Rear-View Mirror!
Belize Used To Be Called British Honduras But I Call It Beautiful!
Over And Under The Water In Ambergris Caye, Belize
You’d Better Belize It! Life In The Jungles Of Belize!
MEXICO – My Hostel In Tulum!
Cancun Can’t!
I’m Sleeping in The Queen’s Head While Her Majesty Turns 90!
“Moving Through Life @ Eighty Years Per Hour” or “I Need a Luggage Daddy….er, Caddy!”
I Blew Into The UK On Arctic Blast Winds! And Still, I’ve Traveled North To Edinburgh, Scotland
Lovely, Gracious London At The Best Time of The Year
Memories Of Bygone Days ….. Two Months Ago In Belize!
My Normal Life in London Town These Days
Was I On Another Planet… Or In London, England?
I’m Transitioning To Another Region of Europe – The Baltic States
Lots Of Rainbows Over London Today!
I Love Tallin, Estonia!
Glorious Estonia – Pagan Roots, Soaring Steeples And Soviet Museums!
Happy Hostel Life In Estonia….. And Worldwide!
What Do Dead Dogs & At-Risk Elephants Have To Do With Each Other?
“We’re Not In St. Pete Anymore, Toto!” We’re In Russia!
Traveling Into Russia Is Filled With Happy Discovery!
My Little Sister, Ann, Makes Me Proud For My 79th Birthday!
I Spent My Birthday With The Archangel Michael, Near The White Sea In Russia
A Funny Story About A New Dress Purchased The Night Before My Aeroflot Flight To Moscow….With Its Anti-Theft Device Still Firmly Attached!!!
Moscow & Me! I Like It Just As Well As I Did At Perestroika Time!
So Many New Moscow Friends…… But I Had To Travel On To Riga, Latvia
Where, Oh Where, Is The White Sea? Near The Arctic Circle….In Russia!
I’ve Been in Four Countries….. Five Cities, All In The Past Month!
After Europe, I’m in Israel For A Month
I Have A Big Family, So Our Jerusalem Thanksgiving Dinner Was Spaghetti Casserole Bake
Exploring Antiquity In Jerusalem This December!
My First Impressions Of Old Jerusalem
Make Friends! Not Art!
Leaving A Legacy Of Jitterbug In Tel Aviv, Israel
Back to Europe From The Holy Land. I’ve Landed in Barcelona, Spain!
I Will Be Reddit’s Solo Travel Site’s “Ask Me Anything!” Guest Interviewer On Sunday Afternoon, January 29!
My Exciting New Life In Casablanca, Morocco
No, I Have Not Died And Gone To Heaven! Just Zanzibar!
The Search For Meaning In Life Is Probably The Same All Over The World
Life In And Around Lake Victoria, Africa. I Have Achieved My Destination!
Christmas Day On An Island In Thailand
Bangkok, Here I Come! Money Stuff Notwithstanding!
Beautiful Bangkok Is A Peaceful and Varied Place
I Am Deep In The Lovely Land of Laos In South East Asia While My sweet Granddaughter, Molly, Turns 18!
Total Trust, Safety, And Honesty Is Here In Luang Prabang, Laos, Southeast Asia!
Fellow Americans! I’ve Discovered A Terrible Secret, Out Here On The RTW Trail! Help Me, Please!
How To Get To The Root Of Any Matter? Try Wordsmithing! Try Punning!
Open Letter To My Dearest Friend, Fawn Germer, And All Woman’s Leadership Groups Who Work Together to Change The World and Their Own Lives!
Wet Hens Unite! America’s Secret War In Laos!
America’s Birthday Drumroll Coming Up! Time To Clean House!
I’m Breaking Some Habits And Following Others In My Not Always Solo Around The World Trip
With Liberty and Justice For ALL! That’s What America Stands For!
Who Can Jitterbug? You’d Be In The Minority! I Can Teach You!
What Does It Do To The Body, Mind And Soul To Travel To New Places?
Happy Noisy Buddhist New Year In Laos Has Me Ready To Travel Again
Manila, Philippines, Is A Very Modern New Beginning Point
Discovering New Dimensions in Cebu City, Philippines
The Treasure of Health, Wealth, Wholeness And Friendship Is Here In The Philippines!
I’m On A Small Philippine Island Named Siquijor (Sigi-hor)
Living High In Lazi On Siquijor Island, Philippines
What Do George Cloony And I Have I Common?
What Does Traveling Backwards Feel Like?
Exploring The Hawaian Islands Is A Lot Like Traveling Around The World
Completing My 3rd RTW, I Already Am Making Plans For Creating An International Conference In Mexico Next April!
Golden Hours In Golden, Colorado!
Do You Know What An Expat Is? I’m Planning To Become One. Again!
Absolutely Freezing In Santa Fe, New Mexico!
Still Chilly In Beautiful Mexico…San Miguel de Allende!
Merry Christmas From San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
If You Love Bright Primary Colors, Come To Mexico!
Can I Settle Down In One City For A Long Time?
My Amazing Family Legacy Here In Mexico
Teaching About The Birds & The Bees In Southeast Asia
Dancing Towards The Future….Costa Rica!
Almost Launched Into My New Solo Travels I Attend The Phamaly Theater
An Excellent Travel Option Is Petsitting And Housesitting! Try It! You’ll Like It!
A Good Description Of The International Hosteling Life For Road Warriors!
Deep In A Costa Rican Petsit
High Class Fauna Luxury Hostal In San Jose, Costa Rica
My Mindbogglingly Beautiful Hostel In Costa Rica
So Many New Friends Here In San Jose, Costa Rica!
I’m in Medellin, Colombia, at the Garden of The Blues Hostel
There’s So Much Life, Color And Style In Medellin!
More From Medellin, Colombia
Learning More & More In Medellin, Thanks To A New Good Buddy!
Evidence That I Am Not Dead Yet!
Changing Horses In Mid-Stream!
Changing Times, Time Changes, And Preserving Perpetuity! My Spring Has Already Sprung!
The Penthouse In Beautiful Mexico! My New Home!
Existential Questions About Life, Love, And Travel
Let´s Count Our Blessings! At Least, Covid 19 Isn´t Spread By Black Flies!
Our Brave New World Is Waiting To Be Born! So Far, It´s a Quiet One!