As An Arriving Earth Settler, You Wore Diapers!

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So, you think you’re not interested in the subject of babies? Perhaps, you’re still young and not ready to settle down. Maybe your biological clock is not ticking. Maybe infants annoy you. Maybe you like them okay – at a distance.

Or, maybe you are dying to have one and can’t wait to become a parent…or a grandparent. Perhaps you already do have a baby and can’t get enough of the subject. Maybe one is “in the oven,” for better or worse. Babies bring up all kinds of references in our minds – bottles, blankets, baby powder, booties…burpings! You name it. Cute, cuddly, and cantankerous. Darling, dimpled, and diapered. Pretty, perfect and poopy.

And they can change your life in an instant! Very powerful individuals – Babies!

But, how often have you thought of one as an astronaut, wearing a miniature life support suit?

Honey! That’s exactly how you arrived on this planet, so many years ago that the memory of your landing has faded and you have completely morphed into the Earth Colony that you came to expand. You have successfully become “one of them,” and you can look at these little incoming astronauts and be fooled by their disguise. That’s the idea.

Yesterday, I promised to change the subject in the peek I’m giving you into my as-yet-unpublished manuscript, Questions & Answers, which is my interview with The Holy Spirit some years ago. I asked Him a little bit about Babies:

#126 – Tell me about babies and children. Where have they been before? Are some brand new? Can You tell the difference?

Yes, We will gladly open the wonderful subject of sending consciousnesses to the Earth in the form of new human beings. Some of them have been cycled through, many times and are very eager to come back after a long, long wait in between lives. Some have never been alive in a physical existence and are coming into a totally different experience than they have ever had before. They have often been asleep, waiting for a chance to descend into an Earth life, for thousands and thousands of years. Without having a moment to think how they would react, they are born into a totally new environment and they don’t have any idea of what they are.

They are, potentially, new souls. But at this point, they are bits of consciousness which have been assigned to a human identity and are setting forth to become a living, breathing human soul. In order to become a soul, they must catch fire with the Love of God, and ignite their special capacity within themselves. That is the purpose of every person’s life cycle on Earth.

We can tell the difference between the reincarnating human baby, and the brand-new bit of consciousness baby, all the way through their lives. One is a lot more mature, and their eyes reveal a great deal of depth. The brand-new baby is just a little bit more puzzled and surprised at everything that goes on around it.

#127 – When “they” are in the womb, “where” are they? Does the consciousness, itself, reside within the growing embryo/fetus within the mother; or does it wait somewhere, or even hover around the woman who carries it?

It does not have to stay within the developing body cells. Instead, it connects with this developing tissue of its new body, so that it will always maintain contact, but it does not have to collapse into such a small area unless it wishes to. The consciousness remains with the baby, who is within the mother. Frequently, it hovers around the mother, as well.

#128 – Does it watch and surround the mother and father and its surroundings, even before birth?

Yes, it does. If it is a reincarnating self, it will be able to comprehend a great deal more about what it sees and hears. If it is a brand-new baby, it will begin to take in some of the information it will need to aclimate to this planet.

#129. Have you any advice to parents-to-be, and those awaiting the arrival of a birth?

Yes, just love your child as much as you can. They are all coming in to learn how to love. They all need a great deal of love, and they must learn how to love while in this physical universe. Parents can start loving their child instantly, long before the child is born…or even conceived…and, they can love each other.

Arriving children are now giving their advice: “Don’t argue! It upsets your baby very much to hear harsh speech, so just be relaxed and accepting about everything under the sun and we will be able to relax about coming into this world.”

#131 – Do babies know and hear more than we give them credit for? At what point do they lose their memory of their past and become the Earth Human in that new life? Inception or birth?

Babies do know and hear a great deal, and they are cognizant of everything until they are born, at which time they forget their past knowledge and become an Earth Human. They are very aware of everything that is said or done, in their behalf, or against their behalf; so it is best to be careful of what you say and do during pregnancy, because this forms that baby’s basic opinions during their lifetime. Even though they forget that they have heard anything, the impression they gained will be indelible.

Stay tuned for more, all of you Jaded-Earth-Humans; you successfully -immersed Astronauts, you!

This Will Shock A Lot Of Folks!

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Continuing in my running discussion on the subject of Death, begun a few blogs back, probably prompted by the death of a high school friend, as well as my decision to update my own instructions to my family in the event of any catastrophic sickness or demise on my part. That led me to share some excerpts from a manuscript I wrote detailing a question & answer session with The Holy Spirit, with Whom I frequently converse. I figure that any tips from the Other Side will help us all. When I asked about cremation and embalming practices, I learned things that certainly make me wish to steer clear of them. In that spirit, I share them with you, though this won’t be much loved by the Morticians and Funeral Director’s Union.

#40 – What does cremation (rapid burning at high temperatures, which reduces the body to fine ash) of the dead body do to the spirit, or soul, of the deceased? Can they feel it?

We are horrified at the practice of cremation. Not of burning the dead body as it is practiced in some cultures, if enough time is allowed between the death and the burning. Two days to two weeks is best. Cremation is often done very quickly after the person is pronounced dead, and it is much too soon to do anything to disturb the gradual departure of the human spirit from its most recent earthly form. Unawakened human spirits do not have the advantages that an enlightened soul has. A soul believes in and loves God. A spirit has not caught fire with this kind of love. Death is not as easy, nor is it completed as quickly, for a human spirit, as for a soul. But both would suffer from cremation.

There are parts of the human self that do not detach from the body for sometimes as long as a few weeks. These are some of the sensations which are shared by the physical body and the intangible consciousness. One of these is the ability to register pain. Another is the thought processes and consciousness of the cells themselves. Another is the memory which is contained in each cell. These things filter more slowly back to the individual; like leaving a few things behind in the family home when one marries or goes off to college, they don’t all go when the consciousness leaves the body.

Cremation comes as a dreadful, and extremely painful, shock to the recently-deceased person. Frequently, they must go into something like a hospital here, to help them control their terrible anger and to cope with the loss and pain which cremation causes. After the intense pain disappears…(it doesn’t take that long, but the terrible intensity is simply incredible and shouldn’t happen to anyone)… there is a sudden feeling of “scattering,” when they “cannot find themselves” for a long time, and that is almost worse than the pain of burning. The spirit, or soul, needs to know where their body is, because it makes some kind of difference in their ability to recognize themselves. This reduction to ash does not completely void the return of cellular memory, but it delays this process incredibly.

#41 – How about the practice of embalming? (The removal of the blood and the injection of chemicals, such as formaldehyde, to delay the natural decomposition of the body?)

We simply discourage anything of this sort from being done to the dead human body. This practice causes some people on this plane to smell like embalming fluid for a long time. This is very distressing to them and to those who must be near them. This has to do with the gradual transfer of these properties from their physical self to their non-physical self. This transfer is assisted and enabled by the decomposition of the body. The more natural, the better. There is no need for embalming. Do all that you can to avoid it. We are shocked to hear you describing these practices, because humans know about these dangers when they are in this state of being. But they cannot, naturally, remember these things, and so they develop such detrimental practices.

#42 – What about donating the eyes, heart, kidneys, organs, of someone who has died, to be transplanted into a living human who needs that to stay alive?

Yes! This is, not only approved, but encouraged! It is an unselfish act and goes very, very favorably toward the spiritual development of the person who has died, as well as the family which makes such decisions. The transfer from the cells to the departed consciousness can take place much more rapidly when such tissues are kept alive, and their “sense of place” is much stronger, though they do not stay near the new recipient’s body.

#43 – What about the donation of the whole, or part, of the body to medical science, which means that it must sometimes be preserved in formaldehyde? These uses might be for tissue study, in the case of a rare condition; for the dissection by medical students to learn anatomy; or the use of the skeleton for medical study and reference.

Yes! By all means! This is a very good thing and can add to knowledge and it is highly approved. The scent of embalming fluid does not cling to those whose bodies are preserved for this use. People whose bones have become re-strung skeletons, have an amazingly strong sense of “place,” and these bones are often treated with affection and jocularity by those who deal with them.

Maybe, in a future blog, I’ll dig up His comments on the new choice of indefinite body preservation. That of Plastination now being offered by Gunther von Hagens, who puts together the Body Worlds Exhibitions and has sign-up sheets for donating your own body. Judging by the above comments, can you possibly guess what the advice might be?

You’re quite right! No! Nada! Never! Very Bad Idea! Mostly because a plastinated body can last for what…? Thousands of years?  That’s a long time to wait for those cell memories…

Next week is a busy one for me. But, I shall return. Maybe you’d like to hear about some other stuff, rather than just death, death, death, all the time. How about birth? Our entry into this Plane of Existence? I thought so! Stay tuned.

Conversations About Death

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Continuing along on the Popular-Unpopular subject of Death, I will quote some more from my unpublished volume called Questions & Answers, containing some topics which I asked The Holy Spirit about in the year 2000. Please read some previous blogs to catch up, if you are just tuning in.

#35 – What about the recent flurry of books and reports on Near Death Experiences, in which people detail things that happened after they “died” and were later brought back to life?

These Near Death Experiences (NDE’s) have only become common in recent times. They have been allowed to happen so that Earthlings would become aware of the fact that they continue after death. Though instances may have occurred in the past, the phenomenon itself has only been happening in the last few decades. If it is not a person’s scheduled time to die and something occurs that threatens their life, We have allowed them to experience that death rather than avoiding the incident, as might have been the case before. (He had, earlier, explained that we come into life with a plan which details the time and method of our death.) They are usually those who will have a positive experience, although some have turned out to have a bad experience. Frequently, those are not eager to share this death in writing when they return to Earth.

What is the sequence of a bad experience after death?

The person becomes extremely sick after they die and must be taken out of the presence of any of the Higher Levels. Then they are reprimanded for the wasted life which they squandered and which caused others so much pain. We don’t want to do on in these descriptions. Suffice it to say, that this is not something that anyone wants to go through, and this possibility is what deters many from wanting to enter an Earthly Life. The ones with a bad life won’t be heard from again. They will either be punished or sent into oblivion. So, unless there is forward progress with each Earthly Life, there is no continuation on this Plane. Those who go into other Levels, do continue of course, and may, or may not, return to an Earthly, physical life in the future.

#37 – What are the wisest ways to treat the body of someone who has just died, or while they are dying?

Do not touch someone who is passing over, especially anywhere on the head. Leave them alone as much as possible, because although you cannot prevent the death, you can divert their attention from what they should be concentrating on. Try either to remain silent or to let them go with softly spoken words. Anything that reminds them of this life during their passage over will cause them a great deal of delay in adjusting to their new condition. It is much better to die unattended than to be surrounded by weeping and wailing family members. They focus the dying person’s consciousness on this Earthly Plane, rather than on the detachment process, which must begin at this time.

There will be unseen helpers hovering over and circling around the person who is preparing to go home, and these can be greatly hampered by people on the Earth Plane also hovering around and attempting to keep the dying one from leaving, or even simply attempting to maintain communication for as long as possible. Just realize that this is a natural phenomenon which is occurring and don’t try to interfere. Also, don’t go into heavy grief for them after their death because it will cause them to progress much more slowly after they have crossed over into their next Life Cycle Adjustment Period.

Prayer is the best thing in the world that one has to offer a dying person because this enables the Heavenly Entities to be on this Earthly Dimension in a much stronger way to assist the dying one. Even if the dying person, or someone with them, simply utters the words, “Oh My God!” this will increase the chances of the dying one receiving the assistance of the Heavenly Ones at the moment of their death. This cannot be stressed enough. Prayer and a spiritual attitude opens and assists this moment marvelously and does not increase attachment to Earth and the previous life’s experiences, which must now be released.

#38 – When the dying person arrives in that Other World, do they remember all past lives as well as their most recent one?

Yes, and they can understand everything about everything that concerns their spiritual history. They need to be free of any attachments so that they can view this life dispassionately. They will have plenty of opportunities to discuss their life patterns with special people whose job is to help them evaluate their progress to that point.

#39 – What kind of body do they wear at this time?

They will wear their astral body, which has always been with them, but invisible, on the Earthly Plane. It does not look like their physical body, but it does look like themselves. In most cases, it is more attractive and beautiful than their Earthly body, because it is much more expressive of their true selves. One of the points of spiritual reincarnation is to refine this astral body, which is just one of the evidences of the condition of the soul. When they die as an infant, or a child, they will not be that (a child) in their astral body, but they will be much younger than if they had lived a normal lifespan. This “youthening” of the astral body is one reason people come in planning to die very young.

Coming Out Of The Closet Now: I Talk To The Holy Spirit!

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This is the third installment of a string of blogs about Death & Dying. Check back a few blogs to catch up.

This is a subject that I have been very secretive about for almost thirty years now, but have recently been encouraged by reading the works of other authors who “tell it like it is.” My blogs have included more and more of this angle and nobody’s come looking for me with a shotgun yet. Pretty soon, I’m going to have to compose the introduction to my next book…which is about my travels in South America, but, this time, will include all the woo-woo stuff that was also part of my journaled notes. How am I going to capsulize this phenomenon in an understandable way? I have no idea, but we shall consider these blogs part of that practice. Just being open about it all, is very good practice in its own right.

Plus, you can’t even imagine the massive amount of written material I have accumulated in the ten years I’ve been putting it all on paper. So, my overall ten year goal is to publish as much as I can, so that it won’t be lost when I do my dying. How long do I have? Not a clue, but I’d better get started now.

So, while we’re on the fascinating subject of… DYING… I shall continue this topic by quoting from my volume of Questions & Answers, written in 2000. It occurred to me back then, that as long as I could speak to, and hear answers from, The Holy Spirit…well, I’d better do what Barbara Walters would do and ask all the questions I could think of on many, many topics. So, here’s what I got about Death:

#32 – I’m interested in the sensations of death. Is there a point after which it feels the same for everyone, taking into consideration the varying methods of dying?

No! Death feels different for different people! For some, it is not a pleasant experience and for others, it is the most pleasant experience they will ever have. The unpleasant ones are filled with fear and foreboding. They usually  know that they have done something terrible and have failed their life’s purpose. For the pleasant ones, they will feel serene and content with the Will of God and they will be very, very content to just slip away, even if their death appears to be violent, such as an accident or a gunshot at close range, they will face death calmly. That serenity continues forever, once they have faced death calmly and bravely. Once they discover the absolute joy that is possible to experience at the successful completion of a life’s plan, they will look forward to death, even though they may enjoy their life on Earth. (This answer followed a long series of questions about reincarnation and that’s why this states that you won’t fear death after having died successfully once, an answer that makes no sense unless you believe in reincarnation.

#33. How does death feel?

The moment of death is so brief that it is hard to say how it feels. Sometimes, people have pain but not as much as if they survive an accident or illness, or any condition which could cause death. The moment when death occurs, pain ceases, though the consciousness keeps functioning. Sometimes it is confusing to someone who does not know they are going to die, or who is unwilling to face death. It is inevitable that they finally face the fact that they are dead. Their emotions, which were part of their late personality, do not cross over with them unless they are caught in the “web” of that life and cannot extract themselves from that personality. This happens when they are too heavily emotionally invested in their recent life on Earth, and cannot separate from family or loved ones, or their condition of life.

#34. Is there a predictable sequence to the Process of Death?

Yes. It will fall into a predictable sequence, depending on whether it is a good or a bad experience. The ingredients of the two experiences are very, very different. Depending on a successful culmination of a person’s life plan, if they are on a reincarnational track, there will be a great deal of celebration at the moment a person enters the Other World, not on the Earth Plane, where they have just exited. There will be friends and so many family members, waiting to congratulate them; because they have just come through a very difficult and dangerous maze successfully and everyone is so relieved and can’t wait to witness the summation of their life, which will be done in a very complete fashion once everyone is gathered together. This is something like an awards ceremony or a narrated film. People in the Other World become very excited when the time for the famous person’s death approaches, because they are so excited to see how this person has done a very difficult task. It’s something like the return and landing of astronauts after a very dangerous, difficult, and important space mission. We, in the Upper Realms, look at those returning from an Earth Life with awe and wonder, if they return at all, because those who fail the test don’t even show up on this Plane after they have died.

Stay tuned. Future questions deal with – Near Death Experiences, Sequence of bad deaths, treatment of bodies, what we remember in the next world, our body there, cremation,  embalming, organ donations, hovering around the body, can the dead hear?  Do we attend our own funeral? And so much more.

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My Wardrobe Malfunction At Iguazu Falls, Brazil
I Love Santiago, Chile and This Whole Country!
The Wheels On The Bus Went Round & Round…The Great Creative Human Race – Part III
The Kind and Homey Folks of Chiloe Island, Chile
RTW – Phase I Is Winding Down
Home in The States With A Bum Shoulder
After A Short Surgical Delay, I’m Almost Good Again
The Old Grey Mare, She Ain’t What She Used To Be…..
Ain’t It Always The Way?
A Soldier’s World Travels Are True Sacrifices
My Traveling and My Writing Are About To Get Married!
The U.S. Congressman And The Saga of The Seth Parker
Lovin’ The Life In The Land Down Under
Flying To A New Australian City Tomorrow
Frozen Money Has Forced Me Into Phone Ownership
I’m Sooooo On Island Time Now!
I Made Headlines In The Pago Pago, American Samoa Newspaper
A Little Bit of Samoa Will Always Circle My Ankle
A Stalker Named Hurricane Evan
Summertime In New Zealand
My First Six Months In The Pacific Ocean
Earthquakes and Antarctica Have One Thing In Common…New Zealand
Going Further Under In Down Under: Dunedin, NZ Is Really Different From Dunedin, Florida
Traveling Solo In The Comfort Zone
The Story of my First Days in Cape Town, South Africa
Our Human Tendency Towards Religious Obfuscation – Inner & Outer Travel
Bits & Pieces of Life Overseas…. Lost In A Labyrinth of Budapest
Spending The Summer in Spain & Portugal
I’m At A Surf Camp Hostel In The Portuguese Algarve….The Bottom Coastal Region Of This Gorgeous Country
The Ups and Downs of Beautiful Portugal
A Seagoing Birthday This Year Between Denmark and Norway
Journey’s End – A Tiny French Village Outside of Paris Offers Recovery From Epilepsy
Another Life Begins Again
My First Step In Becoming An American Expat
I’m A Kid In A Money-Making Candy Store!
A Brief Visit To My Florida Towns Before Sailing Across The Equator On The Mayflower
Ohhhhhh, Uruguay! Glorious, Gorgeous, Warm Uruguay And My Celebrity Wool Jacket!
The Rubber Meets The Road On Real Life As An Expat
When The Guards Outnumber The Shoppers
Glimpses of Uruguay on January 5, 2014
All Uruguyans Are Ascended Zen Masters
Life In An English Country House In Upscale Montevideo
Hostel Hopping, Visa Vetting, Rock & Rolling, In Uruguay
The Andes Mountain Chain – Backbone of The Planet – And The Blackfeet Nation
The Girl That Got Away! How I Spent April Fool’s Day!
Peru Is The New Spiritual Himalayas And I’ll Soon Be There Again
The Movable Feast of Expat Life Goes Mobile Again!
The Trail Never Changes!
Peace & Light In The Sacred Valley of Peru
The Spinal Column Of Planet Earth
Life Brings Us All To The Right Shore, If We Will But Flow Within It!
I Receive The Munay-Ki Rites of The Andean Shamans In The Sacred Valley of Peru
Becoming The Creator of My Own Universe Through Peruvian Shamanic Traditions
Visions Of Paz y Luz Healing Resort & Conference Center, Pisac, Peru
A Peruvian Despacho Ceremony For A Baby’s First Haircut
My Date With St. Peter – How I Took Charge of My Own Health Through A Peruvian CondorVision San Pedro Ceremony
My Last Day In Pisac, Peru
Having Achieved Ecuador….
Cuenca, Ecuador…….Expat Life……..Not So Much! Yet!….But, Improving!
There’s Much To Like In Cuenca, Ecuador! I Might Stay Here Longer!
Meeting Some of My Fellow Expats in Cuenca, Ecuador
Excursions And Discoveries Ecuadorian!
Age Schmage…………. Money Schmoney
Steady As She Goes On All Expat Plans For 2014
My Last Expat Night In Cuenca, Ecuador – Fabiano’s Pizza
Puerto Lopez, Ecuador – Whale of a Day
Spirit Orbs Over The Secret Garden, Quito, Ecuador, Hostel
New Life, New Friends, New Mexico!
I Drove The Dog And The Dog Won!
Leaving Lovely Santa Fe, N.M. And Heading for Golden, Colorado
Taking A Vacation From My Vacation
This Promises To Be A Very Strange Experiment – A New Trick For An Old Dog
How To Make Yourself At Home Within Ten Minutes Anywhere In The World
Life With My Family on “Normal Street,” U.S.A.
Posthumous Exhibit Of My Son’s (Randy Brown) Art
The Timely Conjunction of “Journey Of Souls” With A New Stage Of My Life
Finding Fabulous Friends In Santa Fe, New Mexico
I Lost My Way In Eldorado…….
Life Is Like A Doggie Bath!
March, 2015 – A Month Of Lost & Found!
I Have Run Six Marathons in Forty-Eight Days
An Explosive Writing Experience!
My Newest Book, “Millennial Springtime: Love In The Vast Lane”
My Mission Statement: “To Write Large Upon The World!” While Traveling Solo
Luxury Home In Santa Fe, N.M. Comes With a Yurt!
This Is A Long, Hard Marathon…. But, I’m Winning!
A Persecution Of Sunshine For A Rabbit Like Me!
Age Schmage…….Money Schmoney! An Excellent Philosophy!
An Introduction Video To My Future Traveling Life: “AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 YEARS!”
An Extreme Example Of Life In A Hostel Dormitory
A Good Description of A New Breed of Senior Travelers – Just Like Me!
My 78th Birthday is Here At Last!!!
Here I Go Again – Around The World For Four Years This Time!
Glorious Colorado In The Fall Brings Out School Field Trips
Patricia, The Greatest Hurricane Show That (N)Ever was! Or, Stalking The Elusive Not-Yeti In Central Mexico!
I Have, Essentially, Moved To Mexico!
My Answers To The BootsN’All Independent Travel Manifesto
My Top Five Travel Trips for New Travelers Before Starting A Trip
My Top Ten Values For Life – Part One
Elder Over-Achievers! My New Heroes!
My Top Ten Values For Life – Part Two
My Dream Journey And Practicing Travel Caution Without Paranoia
Managing Money While I Travel
What Can You NOT Travel Without?
Some Favorite Photos of Me On The Road, Solo, At Age Sixty-Seven
Friends in India & Egypt
What Small Things Do I Enjoy While Traveling?
I’m Organizing The First Chapter of Hearing Voices Network In Mexico
Secrets To My Around-The-World Traveling Life
At Home Or Abroad, Gringos Will Be Gringos
Mexico Will Soon Be In My Rear-View Mirror!
Belize Used To Be Called British Honduras But I Call It Beautiful!
Over And Under The Water In Ambergris Caye, Belize
You’d Better Belize It! Life In The Jungles Of Belize!
MEXICO – My Hostel In Tulum!
Cancun Can’t!
I’m Sleeping in The Queen’s Head While Her Majesty Turns 90!
“Moving Through Life @ Eighty Years Per Hour” or “I Need a Luggage Daddy….er, Caddy!”
I Blew Into The UK On Arctic Blast Winds! And Still, I’ve Traveled North To Edinburgh, Scotland
Lovely, Gracious London At The Best Time of The Year
Memories Of Bygone Days ….. Two Months Ago In Belize!
My Normal Life in London Town These Days
Was I On Another Planet… Or In London, England?
I’m Transitioning To Another Region of Europe – The Baltic States
Lots Of Rainbows Over London Today!
I Love Tallin, Estonia!
Glorious Estonia – Pagan Roots, Soaring Steeples And Soviet Museums!
Happy Hostel Life In Estonia….. And Worldwide!
What Do Dead Dogs & At-Risk Elephants Have To Do With Each Other?
“We’re Not In St. Pete Anymore, Toto!” We’re In Russia!
Traveling Into Russia Is Filled With Happy Discovery!
My Little Sister, Ann, Makes Me Proud For My 79th Birthday!
I Spent My Birthday With The Archangel Michael, Near The White Sea In Russia
A Funny Story About A New Dress Purchased The Night Before My Aeroflot Flight To Moscow….With Its Anti-Theft Device Still Firmly Attached!!!
Moscow & Me! I Like It Just As Well As I Did At Perestroika Time!
So Many New Moscow Friends…… But I Had To Travel On To Riga, Latvia
Where, Oh Where, Is The White Sea? Near The Arctic Circle….In Russia!
I’ve Been in Four Countries….. Five Cities, All In The Past Month!
After Europe, I’m in Israel For A Month
I Have A Big Family, So Our Jerusalem Thanksgiving Dinner Was Spaghetti Casserole Bake
Exploring Antiquity In Jerusalem This December!
My First Impressions Of Old Jerusalem
Make Friends! Not Art!
Leaving A Legacy Of Jitterbug In Tel Aviv, Israel
Back to Europe From The Holy Land. I’ve Landed in Barcelona, Spain!
I Will Be Reddit’s Solo Travel Site’s “Ask Me Anything!” Guest Interviewer On Sunday Afternoon, January 29!
My Exciting New Life In Casablanca, Morocco
No, I Have Not Died And Gone To Heaven! Just Zanzibar!
The Search For Meaning In Life Is Probably The Same All Over The World
Life In And Around Lake Victoria, Africa. I Have Achieved My Destination!
Christmas Day On An Island In Thailand
Bangkok, Here I Come! Money Stuff Notwithstanding!
Beautiful Bangkok Is A Peaceful and Varied Place
I Am Deep In The Lovely Land of Laos In South East Asia While My sweet Granddaughter, Molly, Turns 18!
Total Trust, Safety, And Honesty Is Here In Luang Prabang, Laos, Southeast Asia!
Fellow Americans! I’ve Discovered A Terrible Secret, Out Here On The RTW Trail! Help Me, Please!
How To Get To The Root Of Any Matter? Try Wordsmithing! Try Punning!
Open Letter To My Dearest Friend, Fawn Germer, And All Woman’s Leadership Groups Who Work Together to Change The World and Their Own Lives!
Wet Hens Unite! America’s Secret War In Laos!
America’s Birthday Drumroll Coming Up! Time To Clean House!
I’m Breaking Some Habits And Following Others In My Not Always Solo Around The World Trip
With Liberty and Justice For ALL! That’s What America Stands For!
Who Can Jitterbug? You’d Be In The Minority! I Can Teach You!
What Does It Do To The Body, Mind And Soul To Travel To New Places?
Happy Noisy Buddhist New Year In Laos Has Me Ready To Travel Again
Manila, Philippines, Is A Very Modern New Beginning Point
Discovering New Dimensions in Cebu City, Philippines
The Treasure of Health, Wealth, Wholeness And Friendship Is Here In The Philippines!
I’m On A Small Philippine Island Named Siquijor (Sigi-hor)
Living High In Lazi On Siquijor Island, Philippines
What Do George Cloony And I Have I Common?
What Does Traveling Backwards Feel Like?
Exploring The Hawaian Islands Is A Lot Like Traveling Around The World
Completing My 3rd RTW, I Already Am Making Plans For Creating An International Conference In Mexico Next April!
Golden Hours In Golden, Colorado!
Do You Know What An Expat Is? I’m Planning To Become One. Again!
Absolutely Freezing In Santa Fe, New Mexico!
Still Chilly In Beautiful Mexico…San Miguel de Allende!
Merry Christmas From San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
If You Love Bright Primary Colors, Come To Mexico!
Can I Settle Down In One City For A Long Time?
My Amazing Family Legacy Here In Mexico
Teaching About The Birds & The Bees In Southeast Asia
Dancing Towards The Future….Costa Rica!
Almost Launched Into My New Solo Travels I Attend The Phamaly Theater
An Excellent Travel Option Is Petsitting And Housesitting! Try It! You’ll Like It!
A Good Description Of The International Hosteling Life For Road Warriors!
Deep In A Costa Rican Petsit
High Class Fauna Luxury Hostal In San Jose, Costa Rica
My Mindbogglingly Beautiful Hostel In Costa Rica
So Many New Friends Here In San Jose, Costa Rica!
I’m in Medellin, Colombia, at the Garden of The Blues Hostel
There’s So Much Life, Color And Style In Medellin!
More From Medellin, Colombia